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Event tracking allows us to segment our visitors based on their interactions with our different dance course pages. Meaning that we can show course specific Facebook ads to the right people. Our latest camp just sold 3X FASTER than usual!
Andy Instone, Urban Strides
Testimonial 2
Our custom reports and website analytics help us to illustrate the impact of our work to our funders. The events data and custom audiences allow us to report in even greater depth and can really help us in promoting our work on social media.
Manjeet Singh, Southall Black Sisters

Our Clean & Simple Process

Converion Audit

1. Audit

We undertake a consultation call and then audit your website to identify the conversion actions important to your business.

Plan Tag Implementation

2. Plan

Once we have agreed on the actions that you want to track, we plan how to technically implement the required tracking codes and event tags.

Implement Conversions Tracking

3. Implement

Once the plan is agreed, we get to work on the technical implementation of the required tracking codes, event triggers and tags.

Test Conversion Tracking

4. Test

Finally, we test the implementation thoroughly; undertaking all conversion actions and ensuring events are recorded correctly.

Utilise Date Insights

5. Utilise

Data will now begin to register in Google Analytics and across your advertising platforms, allowing you to evaluate and optimise your campaigns.

We Want To Increase Your Marketing Intelligence

Through Data Generation, Analysis & Strategic Evaluation

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We Want To Increase Your Marketing Intelligence

Let’s Get Started!